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my name is emily matusek and i am the creator of this blog. while i'm not sure where this may take me, my advertising professor said it would be a good idea to start a blog. so here i am. 


a little about me: i love to create. i love to use my hands and my head to put something together. some of my more specific favorite things include (but never limited to) drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, gardening, decorating, & designing.


i'm a college student at the university of illinois: urbana-champaign currently studying advertising and minoring in art & design. i hope to be an art director one day. that is, if this blog thing doesn't make me millions. 


i was born and raised in mchenry, illinois, a far northwest suburb of chicago. i have a wonderful family of four, which includes my parents, me, and my brother. also, my furry siblings pumpkin the cat and jack the dog. 


i am a proud old soul, disney nerd, & delta zeta. i would describe myself as creative, classic, and content. 


don't ask me what i'm looking to get out of this blog because i couldn't tell you. instead, i'll just list some of my interests and ideas for the blog & if something catches your eye, stick around. (this is where the "collection of things" comes in!) 


About me

what you might expect to see on this blog:

my hopes, dreams, thoughts, and desires  •  personal projects & how-tos  •  crafting inspiration  •  sorority crafts & ideas  •  interior design

polka dots (i prefer white on black, but am not biased)  •  disney love  •  photography (my own and my favorites)  •  typography  •  lithography     antiques & old things  •  old houses (the best houses)  •  sewing projects  •  advertisements  •  fall and halloween  •  christmas

wedding & party ideas  •  baking and cakes  •  flowers of all types  •  design and layout fun  •  traaaavel

things that happen to be really glittery and gold  •  art that i am particularly fond of  •  ~~~~fun things!!!!~~~

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