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customized hangers $5 - $7

The perfect gift for you wedding party! Customize in any color with their names, your wedding date, their position or even your wedding hashtag!

To order, please email me at Follow the order checklist. If each hanger is the same (except for names and wedding position) just include all that information under names. No need to fill it all out multiple times. If you have specific design ideas in mind, email me separately and I will try to help!

Order Checklist:

Wood Color:

See color examples below. Consider text color when choosing.

Dark wood, natural wood

Text Options (max 3):

Pick your three options and note their location. The left side is 1, the middle is 2, the right is 3. See below for example.

Name, monogram/initials, date, position/title, hashtag


See option sheet below for examples of fonts.

Font: Fun Cursive, Serious Cursive, Serif, Modern

Cursive monogram, Circle monogram

Text Color:

Options are shown below. If you don't see a color you like, email me with a swatch of the color you are wanting and I will do my best to match it. 



Glitter ($1)

Ribbon ($1):

If you would like a ribbon, please note the color. Ribbon is 1/2 inch.

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