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my room at delta zeta

hi again!

so i mentioned in my first post that i am a proud delta zeta of the alpha beta chapter at the university of illinois urbana-champaign! generally, the second year we are in deezee (sophomore year for most) we live in our wonderful home. it was built in 1921 and has been delta zeta's for quite awhile. it is located in an old part of urbana (cobblestone streets!) accompanied by many very beautiful homes built sometime around the 20s, 30s or 40s. currently, there are over 50 delta zetas that live in our small mansion.

it has been an amazing time since move in. living in the sorority house has been my favorite college experience yet and i am so happy for the friendships i have made here. one of the best parts about living in the house (for me, not all) is that i get my own room! i love to decorate as you know, and i looked forward to being able to decorate my room all summer. black and white polka dots with gold and pink was my theme (shocker, right?). i love my room, it is absolutely perfect in size and space for me (two closets, too!). just ask my mom and grandma, it even fit an air mattress so that they got to stay in the house for mom's weekend!

i spent a toooon of time setting up my room and to be honest, it is a job that is never done! but the year is winding down now and i have about eight days before summer. it is going to be a pain to pack up, that is for sure. i am really sad about moving out of the house, but i look forward to living in an apartment next year! (with that, stay tuned for cooking on a college student's budget ideas!)

here are some pictures of my room. hopefully it acts as some inspiration for your dorm, room, or sorority house! i also got really into decorating for holidays, specifically halloween (my fav) and christmas. i will include those in a couple later posts. if you want to know where i got something or how i made it, let me know :)


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