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key & mail holder


i was walking through hobby lobby the other day, and wandered into the drawer/door knobs section. they had so many cute and cool knobs that i knew i had to make something with them.

my first thought was a jewelry holder for necklaces or so, but i figured a key holder would be more practical for me and my apartment in the fall. (the jewelry holder would still be fun idea though!)

i can't find a link to the shelf i used, but it is made by woodpile fun and is from hobby lobby. same with the knobs & paint (which are just cheap little bottles of acrylic).

here are some links i *can* find that would be cute:

here are some knobs

**when shopping at hobby lobby ALWAYS REMEMBER THE 40% COUPON**

you are able to use it everyday, once a day unless you have more than one phone ;) and it is 40% off a full-priced item. it makes big items a lot more affordable and part of the reason why hobby lobby my favorite craft store. just look it up on hobby lobby's website when you're checking out.


what you'll need:

  • a shelf/piece of wood that will hang on your wall

  • sandpaper if the wood is rough

  • hardware needed to hang the piece on wall

  • drawer knobs (make sure they are small enough for your key ring to hang over!)

  • paint

  • a screw about the size of the knob screw

  • a screwdriver

  • a hammer

step 1:

first, sand down the wood so it is smooth to paint and looks nice.

with mine, i actually flipped it on the side because i didn't like the gaping hole in the middle. i will probably just lay a piece of cardboard on the bottom to stop mail from sliding through.

step 2:

use a ruler to measure and mark where you want the knobs to go.

step 3:

drill the holes for the knobs. (this was a little tricky for me, so if you have a better way, go ahead and try...maybe use a power drill?)

using the screwdriver, screw a screw that is about as wide as the knob's end into the spot you want each knob to go. then, take the screw out, leaving a hole for the knob end. if the screw is wide enough, you should be able to twist the knob into the wood like a screw. if not, try hammering the knob deeper into the wood until you are able to screw it down. some knobs probably shouldn't be hit with a hammer though, so if thats the case, try making a bigger hole with a power drill. it also helps if you take the knobs apart so you are only left with a screw.

*caution* if you are using a flat piece of wood (not a crate/box like mine), the knob ends will go through the end of the wood and stick out the back which stops the piece from laying flat on your wall. for help solving that issue, click on this link:

step 4:

take the knobs out and begin painting (they should go back in easier since you already made the hole).

step 5:

put the knobs back in once the paint is dry. don't forget the nut and washer on the back!

step 6:

hang your new creation!

ok, i couldn't really hang mine because my dad wouldn't be happy if i put unnecessary holes in the wall, so thats me just holding it up. when you do hang it, make sure it is strong enough to support keys, they can be kinda heavy!

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