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January 31, 2018

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October 9, 2017

how to make easy ribbon ruffles

July 15, 2017

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how to make easy ribbon ruffles

July 15, 2017


hi everyone!


so my next big project will be done soon (hopefully, I have to get on it) but in the mean time, here is a little tutorial for a part of my latest project. it's for making your very own, one of-a-kind strand of ruffles!


this is perfect for when you 

• can't find the right trim or want an exact color (like black ruffled trim, which apparently no craft store sells) 

• you find a super cute ribbon that you want to add to a project in a fun way

• don't want to spend all that money on trim when you could make your own for cheaper! 


you can do this for fabric as well! it's the same idea, but every time you read ribbon in the tutorial, just pretend it says fabric. 


what you will need:

  • ribbon (about twice the length of what you want to cover)

  • a sewing machine

  • thread to match (or not match, see step 3)


•Step 1•


Choose your ribbon.


Now I've only done this with thick ribbon (as shown) and recommend using ribbon at least an inch thick. I'm not sure how well a thin ribbon will work, but it's always worth a shot if you're comfortable with trying. But an important thing to remember is if you're adding the ribbon as trim to something, you're going to lose about an eighth to a quarter inch of width. Also, since the ribbon is essentially bunching, the amount you start out with is not what you'll end with. For example, I used 8 yards of ribbon and ended up with roughly 4 yards, give or take a foot...I forgot to measure it before I used it up! also, don't use wired ribbon, that will not work at all and probably hurt your machine. 



•Step 2•


Get your machine on and ready. Choose just a regular straight stitch and adjust the width of the stitch to as high as it'll go. 


On my Singer Talent, that is a 4. Might be different on different machines. If you have some super fancy machine that can make stitches like 3 inches long, you might not want to go as high. Here is a picture of how far apart each stitch is for me and also the settings I used.




•Step 3•