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first wedding show: what we learned

January 31, 2018

easy (& cute) envelope pillows

October 9, 2017

how to make easy ribbon ruffles

July 15, 2017

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easy (& cute) envelope pillows

October 9, 2017



hi everyone!


so i have been really busy in general, getting ready for school, going to school, getting ready for formal recruitment (wooh delta zeta!) and just a bunch of other things. hopefully i will find a good habit of posting, everything is starting to free up now. 


i spent a lot of my summer making a lot of things for my apartment, a friend's wedding, my brother's dorm, and just miscellaneous things. but probably the easiest thing i made is what i'm about to show you! these envelope pillows look super nice and are a great project for someone that is still getting familiar with sewing. (which to be honest, is me for the most part!)


i am far from a professional sewer and am pretty much self taught, so there are definitely a lot of different ways to do what i am about to show you. 


what you'll need:


  • pillow inserts

i used 18" pillows from amazon...

here is the link:

they aren't the best quality, but they are cheap! and you can always switch it out for better ones later.


  • fabric

how much? just do a little math: